Tell us about flooding or standing water in your neighborhood or near your workplace 

The information you share will help us understand where the City’s wastewater and stormwater systems may not be working like they should. A more complete list of problem areas means we can plan better future solutions.

A street and sidewalk in Seattle that are flooded on a rainy day.

Is there a place in your neighborhood that looks like this? Let us know using the map below!

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The Study

We’re studying flooding in the wastewater and stormwater systems

When flooding happens, it could mean that the system is overwhelmed somewhere else. Problems could include anything from pipes under residential streets being too small, to not having enough storage during heavy rain storms. We need to look at neighborhoods citywide to learn more about where and when flooding occurs and what the causes may be before we turn to solutions.

We want to include your stories and experiences to help us get it right. We’re looking at the big picture and the long-term. Challenges you help us identify today will be used to build our future plans.

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Do you know of any flooding issues in your neighborhood?

Drop a pin on the map above to let us know what you’ve seen!

Water flooding the driveway of a Seattle home.

Flooding in affected areas can vary in size and severity.

Our System

Working Together

How can you help keep the system moving?

We maintain the shared infrastructure to keep toilets flushing, and our neighborhoods free from flooding. "Shared infrastructure" means we all use the same system of pipes, so what you put down your drain could have impacts at your house or further down for your neighbors. Click on the links below to learn more about how you can do your part to help keep the system at its best:

Who should I call if I have problems?

For emergencies, call 911

Sewer backups or bad flooding during a storm

Call our 24/7 Emergency Services line at 206-386-1800

Non-urgent plugged storm drains

Use the City’s Find It, Fix It Mobile App. A crew member will respond in 3-5 business days

A rake is being used to clear storm drains of debris to prevent it from clogging.

Keeping storm drains free of leaves and debris is one of the many ways to help keep the system moving.